Cel in front of her house.

Celeste's House is a house built in the Wilds of Sacred Grove. It was Celeste Merrymeadows' main residence in Free Realms, as well as her favorite lot in game. She lived in it till March 31, 2014, before the sunset of Free Realms.

The House in the Wilds

  • Cel's fashion runway.
  • Cel sweeping her porch.
  • The living room.
  • Epic Jennie's bedrrom.
  • Epic Jennie's bedroom2.
  • Cel's kitchen.
  • Cel's dining room.
  • Cel's bedroom.
  • The rest of Cel's bedroom.
  • Cel's trophy wall.

Here pictured below, you see Celeste Merrymeadows in front of her warm and cozy home.

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