Chevy along with Cassie, Chiquita, Chelsea, CJ, Charlie, Chewy, Chance, Cookie, and Candi. There are currently three boys and five girls. Chance died one year and one month after his birthday, on March 9, 2014. While Cassie died from an unknown illness on March 25, 2016. All of the chinchillas, besides Cassie, are all fathered by Chevy, making their family severally inbred. Chevy is the patriarch of the Chu Family.

History Edit

According to Celeste, Chevy and Cassie were adopted by Celeste and her family sometime in Winter 2012. Chevy and Cassie then were about 1 and a half years old, born in 2010. Chevy and Cassie already had two daughters in late 2011, Chiquita and Chelsea when they adopted the Chu's. Then by late summer 2012, they began to breed them.

Appearance Edit

Like most chinchillas, Chevy is fluffy and cute, but is quite large for an average chinchilla. Not only is he obese, but he has huge cheeks as well. The others are the same color as Chevy, some being darker or lighter gray tones in their fur. Their eyes are all black.

Family Tree Edit

Chevy and Cassie had two daughters.

Chiquita, Chelsea, ??? - Chevy/Cassie Late 2011

CJ and Charlie and ??? - Chevy/Chiquita September 16, 2012

Chewy, ??? 2 day old, ??? - Chevy/Cassie January 17, 2013

Chance - Chelsea/Chevy February 9, 2013 - March 9th

Cookie, Candi, ??? - Chiquita/Chevy June 21, 2013

Trivia Edit

  • Chiquita loves bananas.
  • Chevy is the father to all eight chinchillas, besides Cassie.
  • Cookie is the smallest out of all of the chinchillas.
  • Cookie and Candy, who are twins, are the youngest of the Chinchillas.
  • Charlie and CJ, Chelsea and Chiquita, and Cookie and Candy are the only sets of twins of the bunch.
  • According to Celeste, all they do is chew and poop.

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