Edward "Eddie" Duell is a major recurring character in The Broken Series. Like the rest of his family, he has the ability to heal others, as well as himself. He is currently in a relationship with Amberly Wise.                                                       


Early HistoryEdit

Eddie was born on June 3, 1994 to Patrick and Sophia Duell in Lavender Coast. He was childhood friends with Olivia Walker. He later moved to Seaside around the summer of 2006. He later met Amber Wise, and the two have been together since the sixth grade. Along with Amber, he befriended Elle, El, and Cel, the group being best friends for years. He is currently attending Franklin High School.  

The Broken Series Edit





Eddie stands at 5'10" and has a muscular build. He has dirty blond air that he usually let's it falls where it pleases. He wears mostly athletic style and is fair skinned. He has blue eyes like his mother. He wears cargo shirts with sperry's often.


Eddie has the abilities of a healer, an unknown species that seem to be human, but with extended life spans.

  • Enhanced Healing - Eddie has displayed the ability to heal from cuts, bruises, even being slammed onto the hood of a car, that would of killed someone instantly, have been seen to heal, though he was knocked out temporarily.
  • Life Force Healing - Eddie was seen to be able to heal people from their wounds, however, if it was a fatal wound, like a shot to the brain, or heart, that cannot be healed. Broken necks also cannot be healed by him. It is seen as a blue glow that emits from his body into that of who he is healing.
  • Enhanced Life Span - Due to his body being able to heal itself whenever it is injured, healers live nearly twice as long as humans.
  • Immunity to Illness - Eddie is immune to all illnesses, due to his body healing itself from anything, other then severe fatal wounds.


Book Appearances Edit

Till Darkness Falls Edit

Chapter Titles Edit

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1



  • He is the only known healer in the series. It was hinted his family were healers as well, but was never shown

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