Maggie, Elle, Seana, Cel, Elia, Amberly, and Eddie

Forever Alone is a short story novel, it was the original draft of The Hathaway Chronicles novel, Darkness Descending. Written in May 2013, Forever Alone was the first book written by Lydia Meadows, but has since been rewritten, this old version is here to be read, but not to be confused with Darkness Descending. Anything that occurs in this book has no relation to the series overall.

Forever Alone Prequel (Part 1 and 2) Edit

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This is the OLD DRAFT of Darkness Descending - SparkleShine98 (Lydia)


Prequel 1 (Amberly, Elle, Eddie, and Maggie) Edit

Forever Alone is about two best friends who always go to the beach together. Their names are Amberly and Elle, short for Eleanor. They liked to go watch the cute surfer boys ride the waves. Amberly, has a crush on Eddie, who is one of the cute surfer boys. Elle knows it because Amber told her, and swore she wouldn't tell anyone. Maggie, the most popular girl at school, liked to find out about people's crushes and ruin them, because she thinks she is the only one who can have a boyfriend. Elle always wanted to be popular, but always stuck by with her best friend Amberly. But one day, Elle can't take all the harassment anymore from the popular people, and one policy they have, you help them ruin a crush, and you're in with them. Elle would never betray her friend, but temptation got the best of her. Elle told Maggie about Amberly's crush on Eddie the following night. Then, after the weekend, it was Monday and Amberly walked into the halls of Franklin High School. When she went to her locker, she noticed something was up, everyone was silent, and started to crowd around her. Maggie peeked into the middle with Amber and shouted "Amber likes Eddie!"

Amberly just looked stunned as everyone laughed at her. Then Amberly looked directly at Elle, who just drooped her shoulders and started crying.

"How could you!" screamed Amberly right into Elle's face. Elle looked at her best friend and said all she wanted was to be popular for once. Amberly then told her "Popularity isn't always the best thing, it's best to be happy and to be you." Then Elle looked at Maggie, who said Amberly was right, then laughed at both of them and left. As Amberly went out of the school building, Eddie followed her, and asked if she did like him. Amberly said "Yes.", and she has since the 6th grade. Then Eddie said he liked her too but, was too nervous to ask. Then they kissed and walked back into the school together. Elle confronted Amberly and Eddie and told them she was so sorry. But Amberly was furious and told her that friends don't tell secrets and ended there friendship on the spot. Maggie came over to Elle just as Eddie strolled away with Amberly.

"Well, that went well, and anyway you will never be popular! So long loser!" cried Maggie as she skipped away like a dunce.

Elle looked at herself, then said "Why me?!" and left the school. When she got home, she tried to call Amberly, but there was no response. Then, she looked out her window and said, "I'm Forever Alone."


Prequel 2 (Cel, Elia, Amelia, and Isabel) Edit

One early morning in Seaside, Cel, short for Celesta, went out on her front porch and looked at the sun rise in the east. She called Elia, short for Ophelia, and told her to come pick her up for school, since her car was in the shop. Cel got dressed, and put on a pretty medium brown dress, since it was the last day of school. When Elia pulled up, she hopped in and they drove off. When they reached the school, everyone was really happy about Summer. Elia said her mom was sending her to a camp, and asked if Cel wanted to come. She agreed, and a week later the two packed their bags and set off to the Chatty Camp. The girls got in the same tent, and went away to get decorating. By the time they were done, it looked like their bedroom. Then, the daily activities were in full swing and the girls got really competitive and won almost every activity. When they were done, they went to their tent, and gossiped about the daily activities, and soon they won them every day, and the people at the camp weren't having fun with two girls who always won, or if they didn't win, they were sore losers and sore winners. People started to gang up on them, and call them hurtful names. Soon, Elia started to realize how everyone felt, and started to be bad at the daily activities on purpose, and Cel noticed it. Cel got mad and started to call Elia names, and tell her she was an awful friend. Elia was starting to see that Cel wasn't a good friend, and she soon left a lot during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cel also lost her buddy at the daily activities, and worked alone to win, but it didn't work and she began to lose a lot. By the time summer was over, the two girls grew apart, and Elia knew Cel and her could never be friends again.

When they got back home, and school was getting ready to go back. Elia hopped in her car and drove to school, by herself. In the hallway, she bumped into Cel, and the two just looked at each other. Amelia came toward them as well, and she just looked at them and walked away. Elia told Cel what she did that past summer was just cruel and mean, and ran up to go talk to Amelia and try to make her feel better and have a friend. Cel just walked away, and into her classroom. Isabel, who was a new girl last year, gave Cel a note...

  • Hey Cel! I heard you and Elia went to Chatty Camp last summer and that you to aren't friends anymore. I'm sorry what happened, but being competitive is really bad, I hope you two make up, and I heard Elia and Amelia are friends again! But anyway, I know it won't last, because Amelia is moving. Anyway, now that you have no friends, I guess you will be Forever Alone! - Isabel

Cel looked at the note and just glared at Isabel, who smirked back and looked to see what was on the chalkboard. Cel clenched her teeth, then Elia and Amelia walked in, who looked pissed off as well. Cel told Isabel she isn't Forever Alone, and that Elia and Amelia are still her friends. The three girls dragged Isabel out of the classroom, and into the girls bathroom. The kicked her and beat her to a pulp, and then they walked out. Maggie, who was in a stall, saw Isabel, and screamed. The three girls turned around and saw Maggie run out of the bathroom, then ran into a locker, and forgot what had happened and walked off to class. Amelia told them she was moving, and is glad that Elia and Cel were there for her. The three hugged, and walked off to class. Isabel groaned as she walked out of the bathroom. A teacher saw her, and took her to the clinic. Amelia went to to more classes, then her mom came and got her. Elia and Cel walked her out, and promised to e-mail and call her after school, and Amelia smiled and drove off. After Isabel got out of the clinic, everyone booed her and turned their backs on the so called new popular girl. Elia and Cel walked in the hallway and confronted Isabel. "Look who is Forever Alone." 

Forever Alone (Part 1 - 10) Edit

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This is the OLD DRAFT of Darkness Descending - SparkleShine98 (Lydia)


Part 1 (Amberly) (NE) Edit

It's a year later, and the Seaside sun shined bright, as the sunrise let the earth shine with a beautiful lightness. Amber woke up, and today, was the start of her senior year at Franklin High School. When she went into the kitchen, her Dad was making pancakes, and asked if Amber wanted some. Amber said "No thanks", and got dressed quickly, because she was eager to see Eddie. Eddie pulled up in his Mustang, and the two love birds drove off to school. Cel, who's car was finally out of the shop, came to come pick up Ally, who's car was now in the shop. "Hey Cel, Amy called me last night and said her new high school is really cool and she made some new friends, but of course, we will always be her best friends." Said Ally. "Well at least she is happy, and isn't alone." replied Cel. The two pulled up and saw Amber and Eddie kissing. "Get a room." Thought Ally. Cel got her schedule, and asked Ally if they had any classes together. The two put there schedules together, and had 5 out of 7 classes together, and they jumped for joy. Elle, along with 50 other kids got off the bus, and scattered to find their friends. But Elle, walked alone and went to her locker.

Maggie, who was wearing the latest fashion walked in the school with six inch heals on, and of course all the guys looked at her, even Eddie. Amber glared at him with a mean look and he said "Sorry.", then laughed, and Amber smirked. Then the 1st period bell rang, and people ran to their classes. Cel and Ally ran to gym, and changed into their gym clothes. Isabel came walking in, and said "Oh, great. I have Gym with you to bitches.". "Oh, I'm sorry Isabel, but I am not going to listen to your smart ass mouth." replied Cel. "Well, aren't you "Miss Ignore"" said Isabel and smirked at her. "Back off Isabel, or I will kick your ass again like last year." said Cel with anger. Isabel walked away, and everyone looked at her funny, then giggled and finished getting dressed. "God what a bitch!" said Cel, as she ran her lap with Ally in tow. "I know, right? She should drop out or something, because she is a bully, but we got back at her last year." said Ally. They finished their lap, and went back to the gym locker.

Amber opened her locker, and put her history book in it, and got our her math one. She slammed her locker, and on the other side stood Elle. "Amber I'm sorry! I said it like a hundred times, please just forgive me!" cried Elle. "Why should I? You ruined me, but at least I have someone I can trust and love." said Amber. Elle told her why she did it, but it was no use. Eddie came to walk with Amber to Math class. Elle just stood there, and saw Maggie walk by, and confronted her. "Hey Maggie, what do you do if your ex-best friend won't forgive you?" asked Elle. "Ruin her relationships, as in take her boyfriend, or try and split them up, because I would love to be with him, he's cute and popular like me." said Maggie. "Maggie, that is just an awful thing to do! Your a total bitch." said Elle and walked off leaving the dunce just puffing away as she walked like a hooker through the hallways. Elle said to herself, maybe that is a good thing to do, and get back at her for being a horrible best friend.


Part 2 (Amberly) (NE) Edit

Eddie drove Amber home, and Amber's dad was fixing to come out to see her in. Amber was still embarrassed that her "daddy" came and lead her into her house, instead of her boyfriend, but today, Eddie took her in. The two kissed on the front steps, and she went inside. She put her backpack down on her bed, and she laid across it. Then, her cell phone got a text message.

  • Hello Amber, if you come to school tomorrow with your boyfriend, we will kill everyone you love, and then slice your throat open. - Anonymous

"What the fuck!" cried Amber, as she studied the text message and tried to find out who's phone number it was. Then tears started to come down her cheeks, and she was fixing to tell Eddie, but she caught herself before she did, and would go to school tomorrow, and find out who it was.

Elle got off the bus at her house and when she went in, her mom asked her how her first day back was. Elle told her "It was good", but Amber wasn't speaking to her anymore. "Aww that's too bad sweetie, don't worry, just give her time to forgive you" said Ms. Harris Elle went to the living room, and her younger brother Fred, was busy playing a video game. 'Fred, all you do is kill zombies!" said Elle as she flopped onto the couch. "Well I'm bored, and I love to kill things!" giggled Fred. Elle rolled her eyes and opened a magazine, and on the front cover was Amy Henderson, a girl who used to go to her school. "Fred do you want to go get pizza?" asked Elle. "Hell Yeah!" he yelled, and got up and ran to the front door to put on his shoes. "Watch your mouth young man!" yelled Ms. Harris as Elle and Fred jumped into their mom's minivan, and drove away.

Cel and Ally drove up to Cel's house, and ran up to Cel's room. The two girls gossiped about the cute new freshman, and the new foreign exchange student from Italy, who's name was Stefan. "He is so hot!" squealed Cel. "God I want him on my sandwich tomorrow." said Ally with goo-goo eyes. "I can't believe Amy got a modeling deal! But you have to say, that girl is tall with nice legs." said Cel. "Yeah, she was born to model." Ally said smiling. Ally opened her backpack up, and took out her binder, and started to doodle on it. Cel started to wonder what their senior year would be like, then a brick came through Cel's bedroom window, and landed on her floor. Cel and Ally screamed in fear , and glass was everywhere, but the girls were okay, and without a scratch. Cel's parents came running up the stairs and saw the brick. Mr. Smith grabbed the brick and saw a note attached to it, "Hello Cel, I hate you, so if you want to come to school tomorrow, be prepared to get beat up." "Cel, what the hell is going on?!" demanded Mr and Mrs. Smith. "It's this girl at school, and tomorrow I will kick her ass." said Cel angrily. "No way, first I'm going to get the little bitch expelled, then arrested for trying to kill my daughter!" said Mr. Smith. "No!" screamed Cel "Dad let me handle this! Tomorrow I will see if she did this! She might of hired someone because the bitch doesn't have the balls to do this!" "Cel, I will give you two days, then I'm having her arrested." said Mr. Smith "And take Ally home" Ally and Cel got into the car, and drove to her house.


Part 3 (Celesta) (NE) Edit

Cel woke up the next morning to a cloudy day, and her window was duck taped with a sheet over it, and the morning breeze blew it back and forth. She got dressed, and had a look of fury on her face. She went to go pick up Ally. When they reached the school, it looked like any other regular day. Isabel walked to her locker and opened it. She got her Reading book for 2nd period then closed it. On the other side stood Cel, who looked pissed. "Why would you throw a BRICK through my bedroom window?! You almost killed me you insane bitch!" said Cel, and punched Isabel in the face. "What brick?! I didn't do it Cel! Sure I hate you, but I wouldn't want to throw a BRICK into your bedroom, that's stupid and immature." said Isabel who's eye was black from the punch. "But now, you want to fight? Bring it!" Isabel grabbed Cel's hair and tried to throw her to the floor, but Ally came and flung her to the floor. Then Cel grabbed Isabel then threw into her locker, and a crowd gathered around them chanting "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!". Then two teachers came and threw Ally to the ground, then Cel, and Isabel. Then herded them to the principals office.

"You two young ladies, came to beat up Ms. McCall for throwing a brick through your window last night I presume, right Ms. Smith?" asked the Principal, who was married to a doctor, Dr. Pepper. "Yes Mrs. Pepper, she has been messing with us since softmore year! And who else would throw a BRICK through my bedroom window?! Her!" cried Cel and pointed to Isabel. 'Mrs. Pepper, I didn't throw a brick through her window, she just thinks that because I hate her! Which I do, but that isn't the issue right? She BEAT me up in the hallway! For no fucking reason ever" frowned Isabel. "Well, Ms. Ross, why did you help Ms. Smith attack Isabel in the hallway?" asked Mrs. Pepper. "Well I was there last night when the brick was thrown through the window, and I know she did it!" said Ally. "You have no proof BITCH!" screamed Isabel, and she got out of the chair and tried to choke Ally, but then Cel pried her off of Ally and threw her to the ground. "MS. MCCALL YOU ARE SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK FROM MY SCHOOL! LEAVE RIGHT NOW" yelled Mrs. Pepper. Isabel got up, took her backpack and her suspension paper and drove home. "Ally are you ok?!" cried Cel as she helped Ally to the clinic. "Yeah, now we know Isabel isn't just a bitch, she's insane too." said Ally. "God, I want to go home, I think I'm going to call my mom to come get me." then the nurse checked her out and said she would be okay. "Well, I will come see you after school okay?" replied Cel as Ally walked out to wait for her mom to come pick her up.

Isabel got home, and her drunk father came out of his room, who smelled like booze, and asked why she was home, she told him she got suspended, and then he slapped her, calling her a no good rotten slut, and went back to his room. Isabel began to cry, and ran to her room. Mr. Smith went to the police station, and showed them the brick. The police found finger prints, and found out it was a boy named Stefan Salvatore that was the one who probably threw it. They found out he went to St. Stars High School, and the police went to the school. Cel put her books into her locker, and was starting to go to her car, when she saw her dad pull up with the police. "Dad? What are you doing here?" asked Cel. "Honey, it wasn't that girl that you hate, it was a boy named Stefan Salvatore who threw the brick." said Mr. Smith. "The new exchange Student from Italy? Why would he try to kill me?!" cried Cel who was really worried. "Don't worry Cel, the police have a search warrant for him for throwing other bricks into other windows as well, so he is basically the real issue here." replied Mr. Smith

The police took Stefan into custody, and charged him with battery and assault, and the Smith's, along with other families pressed charges against him that very day he was arrested. Cel drove over to Ally's house to tell her, and Ally was shocked completely. "How can a hot guy like him be BAD?" whined Ally, who's throat was still hurting. "Well it turns out Isabel was innocent, so we hit her for no reason." sighed Cel. "She fucking choked me Cel! She isn't Innocent!" cried Ally. "I know! But we did hit her for no reason, and it was totally fun!" said Cel. "Cel, you are one weird girl. That's why I love you." replied Ally and the two girls hugged and gossiped and Cel told Ally what happened at lunch.


Part 4 (Amberly) (NE) Edit

Amber and Eddie pulled up at the school parking lot, and got out of his car. The two walked together to their lockers, and Amber told Eddie about the text message last night. "So someone is out to get you for being with me?" said Eddie. " I know, but I don't know who it is, and I'm scared." replied Amber as she got out her books. "Well I won't let anyone hurt you, besides, is it that Elle girl? Because if it is I will kick her ass for you" said Eddie. "Elle and I aren't friends, but she wouldn't do that to me, that is just not like her, she is a shy goody two shoes." replied Amber, and she walked off to History class, leaving Eddie wondering who it was.

Maggie came walking by, and saw Eddie all alone. and walked up to him. "Hello handsome, I'm Maggie Peach" said Maggie, "And you must be-" "Not interested." interrupted Eddie and walked off to class. "Dick!" yelled Maggie at him, and turned around to hurry off to class. In history class, Amber was tapping the tip of her pencil, waiting for the bell to ring, then it did. People came crowding out, and went to their other classes, but a crowd of people about 100 yards down the hallway were chanting "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!", l "What the hell?" Amber wondered and went to see three girls fighting, and Amber just backed away slowly, and bumped into Elle, who stared at Amber with accusing eyes. Elle grabbed Amber by the arm and lead her into the girls bathroom. "Amber listen to me, Maggie is trying to steal Eddie from you, and I think she sent that text to you!" cried Elle. "How do you know about it?! That means you gave Maggie my phone number! Didn't you?!" screamed Amber. "I didn't know she would threaten you like that, when she told me she thought you weren't going to come to school, and then she was going to make a move on Eddie." replied Elle. "Elle, I have had it with you trying to ruin my love life!" said Amber and ran down the hallway to her next class.

Elle got her lunch tray, and saw Maggie going towards Amber and Eddie, where they were sitting. "Get away from my boyfriend Amber." smirked Maggie. "Excuse me?" said Amber. "You heard me bitch, get up out of that seat, or I will make you." said Maggie, who was still smirking. "Maggie, go fuck yourself okay? You can like me all you want, but lay a finger on Amber, and I will cuss you out right here in this room" frowned Eddie. "Aww baby, that is so sweet of you, but seriously make that loser get out of my seat." said Maggie. "Elle was right, you are trying to get Eddie, well sorry "SWEETIE" but he is taken and if you don't move I will fucking throw you to the ground." said Amber who's face was red as hell with anger. Cel got finished with her lunch, and saw the fight going on across the cafeteria. Cel walked over and asked what was the problem. "Oh, stay out of this Cel, we don't need you over here." said Maggie. "Fuck you Maggie, leave Amber alone okay? She hasn't done anything to you, and by the way, your little friend Isabel is suspended for a week" smirked Cel. "You heard them Maggie, now go back to your "popular phonies." said Eddie. Amber started to calm down, but then Maggie shoved her mashed potatoes in Amber's face, then Cel punched Maggie in the nose and fell to the floor, and Amber smeared the potatoes off of her face, with Eddie helping. Amber got up, and said "Really?" and took her milk and poured it on to Maggie's glossy hair. Maggie screamed and cried with a bloody nose, then got sent to the office, and had detention for the rest of the school year, including lunch detention. Amber explained what happened, along with Elle, and then the two girls forgave each other. "Thanks for helping me Cel." said Amber. "You're welcome, when it comes to those "popular" girls, their actually pretty much bitches." replied Cel. Then, Cel along with Elle. Amber. and Eddie walked to the lockers. 'Well today was fun, and I made some new friends." said Elle " Well I got to go catch my bus, I will see you guys later. Amber and Eddie drove off, and they kissed passionately.

That next Monday, Maggie walked to dentition, and saw Ally, Cel, Elle, Amber, And Eddie walk in the school together in a group, and then she made it to dentition, where she saw a familiar face, Isabel. Maggie took a seat beside Isabel, and opened up a book. "Well, why are you here Mags?" asked Isabel. "Ugh that stupid bitch Cel, had to come and "save" the day, plus, I will have Eddie, one way or another!" said Maggie in dismay. "Oh, my God. Move on from him there other guys. Besides, that's why I'm here too, because of Cel and her friend Ally." said Isabel "Isn't Ally her sidekick or something?" asked Maggie. "Not really, they are best friends and are the so called "heroes" of the school. But we have one goal, to take them down. Right?" said Isabel with an evil look on her face. "Well, If you say so." said Maggie, who was unsure of herself at that moment. "Good, then we're going to have so much fun together." smirked Isabel.


Part 5 (Elia/Cel) (NE) Edit

Cel was looking at the board during Math class, and Ally was chewing her nails out of nervousness, as the teacher told them they had a big project to do, and it was due in 2 weeks.

Eddie was texting Amber, who was in science class. Amber looked at Eddie's text message and giggled. Isabel peered over and wondered why Amber was giggling, and bent over to finish her pop quiz. "Okay class, that is all we are going to do today, and in 3 months is the Science Fair, and I hope most of you will compete in it. said Mrs. Appleseed "Class dismissed." and the bell rang. Amber met up with Eddie at the water fountain, but then Maggie was coming towards them, but amazingly, she just walked by them without a word. Isabel caught up with Maggie, and the two girls chatted. "Okay, so if we are going to destroy Cel, first we need to get her little friend." said Isabel. "Okay, and when are we going to do this?" asked Maggie. "Soon my friend, very soon." said Isabel with a devilish look on her face.

Cel, Elle, and Ally got their lunch trays and sat down at their spot, and then Amber and Eddie joined them. "Okay so since my parents are out of town." said Ally, "I'm throwing a party this Saturday and everyone is invited!" and the gang smiled and said they would come. The word of Ally's party spread, and everyone was coming, even Isabel and Maggie. "So there is going to be beer or something?" asked Elle, as she drank her Dr. Pepper. "Maybe, but not a lot, but mostly soda and stuff." replied Ally. "Well, that's settled, what if Isabel and Maggie come?" asked Amber with a nervous look on her face. "If they do, I will personally kick their asses out." said Cel and smiled. "Well ladies, I will protect you too." said Eddie. "Aww, my hero." said Amber with goo-goo eyes. And soon, Saturday came, and everyone was pumped up for the big night.

Ally got her purple shimmery party dress on, and put out the snacks and refreshments out on the tables, and on the front deck of her house hung lights that were many different colors. People started to arrive, and Cel came and poured the refreshments into cups for guests. Amber and Eddie came together, with Elle in tow. The gang went into the kitchen to bring out the rest of the snacks, and Maggie's Honda pulled up in the driveway, but no one noticed yet. "Um. Ally, where do the beers go?" asked Elle who never drank in her life. "Just give them to me." said Cel, and she threw them into the bushes. "Okay guys, the party is on, so dance and PARTY!" yelled Ally, and she drank some wine. Maggie and Isabel walked up and the music was blaring, and people were dancing, shouting and drinking. "Okay Maggie, you know the plan right?" asked Isabel, and Maggie nodded and went into the crowd.

By now, almost all the party goers were half drunk, or drunk. Ally was wasted and fell off a chair and fell on the ground. "Ally! Get up!" giggled Amber who was all over the place. Maggie made a phone call, and disappeared into the crowd. Police cars then came pulling up, telling them the out of control party was over, and everyone needed to go home. People dashed out of the windows, and others ran for their cars, and some were arrested for bad behavior and not listening to police. During the whole scatter of people, Ally was on the ground, but then Maggie and Isabel came and tied her up, then threw her into the back of Maggie's Honda, and drove off, and Eddie saw all of it happen. Cel was trying to help Elle stand up, who experienced her first blackout, and she kept falling over. Amber was really dizzy, and Eddie saw her about to fall then caught her and put her in his car to drive her to his house, not her house so her dad wouldn't kill him. "Wow what a night!" said Cel, as she walked towards Eddie. "Cel, Maggie and Isabel took Ally!" cried Eddie, and closed his car door. "What the fuck do you mean? THEY took Ally?!" said Cel in bewilderment and started pacing around the driveway, and Cel wasn't drunk. "I need to take Amber to my house." said Eddie "She is wasted." "No, leave her here with Elle, they will be fine here." said Cel. Then, Eddie and Cel took off to rescue Ally, and take down Isabel and Maggie once and for all.

Isabel and Maggie dragged Ally into a room, that was at Isabel's house, but thankfully her father wasn't home, and was out drinking. In the room, was two chairs, and a bed. Maggie rolled Ally onto the bed, and then Isabel and Maggie sat in the chairs. "Well, that was easy." said Isabel, as she stretched on the chair and put her head back. "This is so bad, but that bitch needs to pay for what they did." said Maggie. Ally woke up, and came back to her senses. She tried to move but was tied up on the bed. "Well someone is finally up." grinned Isabel, who was holding a gun. "What the fuck do you want with me Isabel?" asked Ally who looked pissed, yet scared at the same time. "Well, we are going to wait here till morning, then if Cel doesn't come when we call her, then we are just going to beat you up like you did to me." smirked Isabel. "Ugh, why don't we just go after Cel and get it over with?!" whined Maggie who was getting tired. "Maggie, the only way we can get to Cel is if we harm those who are close to her." smiled Isabel

Eddie and Cel pulled up a dirty driveway to a strange looking house, they had the headlights off, and in the driveway a Honda was parked. "Are you sure this is the place?" asked Cel. "Yes, because for one, that is Maggie's car, and everyone knows where the "bitch" lives". replied Eddie. "Well, then lets go kick some ass!" said Cel with madness. "Wait!" whispered Eddie, and he threw a gun to Cel. "We may need this." "Good idea." said Cel and the two knocked on the door. "Who is it?" asked Maggie. "Your nightmare bitch! OPEN THE DOOR NOW OR I WILL SHOOT IT DOWN!" yelled Cel, and put her finger on the trigger and aimed at the door. "No you can't come in!" cried Maggie, and pulled out a pistol. Isabel heard the commotion going on at the front door, and Isabel got Ally in an arm lock, and led her to the living room. Cel shot the door down and a gun was pressed against Ally head, and Maggie was aiming at Cel to. "Well, well, well, Look what the cat dragged in." chuckled Isabel. "Now, if you put you're gun down Cel, I will let Ally go, and then I will get to kill you, understand?" "Your so fucking insane Isabel!" screamed Cel, and Cel fired her gun at Isabel, but Maggie took the bullet, and fell to the ground. She got shot in the shoulder, but was bleeding pretty bad. Cel's eyes were full of hatred and anger, then she aimed at Isabel. Eddie, who just watched everything happen before his eyes yelled "No!" As Isabel shot Nisha in the stomach. "It ends here you little bitch!" screeched Isabel, and the two girls were face to face with guns loaded. Eddie ran to Ally, and swept her to safety. "Isabel, your fucking insane okay?! You shot my friend! You deserve nothing you worthless bitch!!" screamed Cel.

The two were still circling each other, and Isabel took the first shot, but missed, and it ricocheted and hit her in the head. She dropped dead instantly, and Maggie cried in horror. Cel put her hand over her mouth and dropped her gun and looked at Isabel's body. The police put Isabel's body into a body bag and hauled her off to the morgue, and Maggie was treated for her wounds, but then was immediately sent to jail, and was charged with kidnapped and attempted murder. Ally, who was shot in the stomach, and carried off by Eddie, when Cel ran to her friend, the wound was gone, and Cel was dazed. The three went behind a tree at Isabel's house and talked. "Ally, you got shot, and now your all healed up?!" said Cel who sounded like she was dreaming. "Cel, Eddie is the one who healed me." replied Ally. "Look Cel, my family we aren't regular people, we are called healers, and we can heal any wound, and where ally was shot, it was easy to heal, so she is fine." said Eddie. Cel looked at him as if he was insane, then she fainted.

Cel woke up in her bedroom, and her dad was paying the guy for the new window. "Good morning Cel." said Mr. Smith. "Dad, how did I get home last night?" asked Cel. "Honey, you fainted after all the events that happened last night, it must of overwhelmed you, and we need to go to the police station to file out the report against Maggie Peach since your a witness in the case." said Mr. Smith. Cel frowned then got dressed. She met up with Eddie and Ally, and then they talked about what happen last night. After they went to the police station, they went back to Ally's house, and cleaned up from the party. In the guest bedroom upstairs, Elle and Amber were still sleeping, and then Elle and Amber came downstairs, and their eyes were bloodshot. "Hangovers suck huh?" asked Ally and laughed as she did the dishes. "Well, I got hammered last night." said Amber "Shit what is my dad going to say? I didn't come home last night!' "Don't worry I called him and said you crashed over at my house for the night." Ally gleamed.

As Eddie was sweeping off the front deck, Cel came and said they needed to talk. "Why did you never tell me you could heal people, you know how many cuts and scrapes I got!" giggled Cel. "Well, for one it's a secret and I don't want everyone to know I can. Only you, Ally, and Amber know, and I talked with Amber and Ally this morning too." said Eddie. "What did you do to Ally when you healed her? Did she know, or you told her?" asked Cel. "I told her, and then she said she thought the alcohol was getting to her again, but I told her it was real and showed her, and now she understands." said Eddie and finished sweeping. "Well, now the Isabel and Maggie issue is over." said Cel. Everyone came outside, and looked as a rainbow streamed across the Seaside sky, and they all smiled. Ally and Cel chatted about the party, and how it was a big failure. "When my parents come home tomorrow, I'm dead, but hopefully they play it easy on me since I got kidnapped." said Ally. "Don't worry Ally, that won't happen again as long as I am around." said Cel, and the to best friends hugged.


Part 6 (Cel/Elia/Amberly) Edit

Maggie's trial finally started, and Ally, Cel, and Eddie had to go testify against her, and were also witnesses in the crime as well. Ally described her experience when she was kidnapped, and then Cel told them how she found Ally, and Eddie told them how he saw them kidnap her, and drive off in a Honda. Then the jury went into the jury room. They came back with the verdict within 10 minutes. "We the jury find Maggie Peach, Guilty of attempted Murder, and Kidnapping, and is here by sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole." said Judge Stewie. Maggie just stared, and her face turned white as a sheet. Her parents gasped, and began to cry, as the Smiths', Rosses', and Duells' smiled as the cops led Maggie back into her jail cell, soon to be hauled off to prison. Ally and Cel walked out of the court house, and sat on the steps. "Well, we won't have to worry about her anymore." said Ally. "Yes, and thank God she is in prison, she deserves it, serves her right for being a bitch since she was born." replied Cel in a angry tone. "Well, want to come to my place? Since our birthday is tomorrow, we should have a slumber party just for us, then invite Elle and Amber over for the slumber party tomorrow." said Ally. "I'll be there." replied Cel and smiled. "I can't believe we're going to be 18 tomorrow!" said Ally excitedly.

Cel drove up to Ally's house and knocked on the door. Ally's mother answered the door. "Cel, we've been expecting you dear." said Mrs. Ross. "Oh, is it okay if I spend the night, since Ally's and My birthday is tomorrow?" asked Cel. "Actually, it was ours and your parents idea that you stay here tonight." said Mrs. Ross. "Okay..." said Cel and she went upstairs to Ally's room. "Um, Ally is it just me or are your parents a little weird?" asked Cel as she unpacked her stuff. "They said tomorrow my life is going to change forever." said Ally, and she looked like she was about to piss herself. Then the to girls started to burst out laughing. "Oh Samuel, those two girls have no idea what is about to happen to them." said Mrs. Ross as she levitated a pretty China plate onto the top shelf of the display case. "Laura, don't worry we found out when we were 18, and just like any other witch or warlock, our powers come in when we reach the age of 18, so they will go through it just like we did." said Mr. Ross. "I hope Ally will be okay with all of this, and Cel's parents will be by tomorrow for the ceremony, and to tell them all about our history and ancestry" said Mrs. Ross, and the couple went outside and saw a shooting star as the clock struck midnight, and Cel and Ally started to float in the air as they slept.

The sun shined through Ally's bedroom window, and when Ally woke up, her face was against the ceiling, and Cel was upside down snoring. Ally screamed and fell to the ground, then so did Cel when she woke up and also screamed. Ally's parents heard the thud, and started to prepare for the "talk". "Ally why the hell were we on the your ceiling?!" cried Cel. "I don't know!" cried Ally, and looked around her room for answers. The two girls rushed downstairs to find their parents seated on the couch with a crystal ball on the coffee table. "Good morning girls." said Mrs. Smith. "We need to speak with the two of you, come sit please." said Mr. Ross. "What the hell is going on?!" asked Cel who looked at her parents with a weird expression. "Yeah, um Mom? Dad? Why is there a crystal ball with images of Cel and I in it?" questioned Ally who glared at her parents. "Just sit down and we will explain." said Mrs. Ross. After the two girls sat down on the couch beside their parents, Mr. Smith started, "Well girls, you see, we are different then other people. Well you see, we are witches" "Yes, and we didn't tell you because you wouldn't of believed us and your powers don't come until your 18, which this morning I saw you two on the ceiling asleep, and we didn't want to wake you." said Mrs. Ross. "Okay so your saying we have powers?" said Ally and Cel at the same time. "Yes." said all of the adults. "Prove it to me then." said Ally. And her parents make the table float up, and Ally and Cel looked in astonishment. "Okay you two girls try, now you need to work together for your powers are just coming in." said Mrs. Smith. "Focus your minds on the crystal ball." said Mrs Ross. Cel and Ally focused on it and the Crystal Ball exploded.

As the glass shattered all over the table, everyone jumped back, and Cel and Ally looked puzzled. "Well, I think your powers have come in full swing." said Mr. Ross, who was surprised. Then, everyone discussed training times, and the two girls went back up to the room, and got dressed. "This is the most strangest day of my life." said Cel, as she put on shorts and a T-shirt. "Cel, pinch me and see if I'm dreaming, because if we are this is the best dream ever." said Ally. Cel pinched Ally, then Ally squealed, and of course, it wasn't a dream. The two girls went downstairs, to find Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Smith with two broomstick's in their hands. "This is probably the easiest part and funnest part of training." laughed Mrs. Smith. Ally and Cel looked at each other, and then the brooms and knew exactly what they had to do, and were down right nervous. They hopped on the brooms, and their mothers held onto the floating broomsticks as their daughters boarded on. "Okay, now you have to imagine where you want the broom to go, and it will go where you direct it, so be careful and it will take a few days to get the hang of it." The mothers let go, and the girls flew all over the place, and boy did they scream. "THIS IS SO AWESOME!" screamed Cel, and she did loops like a roller coaster. The girls then trained with their parents, and were starting to get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, as 5 days past. Amber was getting ready to celebrate her 18th birthday, and her Dad was getting real nervous. His deceased wife, was a witch, and his daughter might or might not be one, so he was getting ready for the worst. Amber's mother was once a good witch, but when she had Amber, there was a change in her, and she used her powers for evil. Pretty soon, she used so much of it, it killed her. Her family had a curse, that if you bore a child, you would become evil, and so would your powers. But Amelia, Amber's mom didn't believe it, neither did she believe she was a witch, and refused training from her father, and her mother was evil, and was dead also from using to much power. Amelia died when Amber was only 2 years old, and her father was in deep depression over the lost of his wife, and feared what his daughter would become, but he stepped up, and was very protective over her, and Amber is the spitting image of her mother, and is why Amber was so important to him as well. Amber told her dad Eddie and her were going on a midnight picnic, and her dad said be careful, and he was unaware that her powers would come in at midnight.

Eddie picked up Amber, and they were headed up to the pretty secret beach. A picnic appeared ready for them, and torches that were lit surrounded the little romantic spot. And pretty lit lanterns hung zig zag across the palm trees. The couple sat down, and talked about life, and what they would do for her 18th birthday tomorrow. Then, it was one minute till midnight. Eddie looked at his watch, and then the two leaned in, and kissed. Then, all the lanterns and torches went out. The two quickly stood up, and looked around in the darkness. Amber felt dizzy, then she couldn't see anything and she yelled for Eddie, but she heard a faint response, then nothing. All the torches and lanterns lit back up, and Eddie looked around, to see Amber on the ground unconscious. He freaked out and ran to her "Amber wake up!" he cried and shook her and shook her. But Amber made no response, and just looked lifeless. Then, Eddie took her to his Mustang, and set her in the backseat. He then turned the car on to take her to the hospital, but she woke up, and breathed in deep and sat up. The car then stopped, and the engine caught on fire, and Amber screamed, the car halted and the two jumped out of the running car. When they were safely out of it, it blew up, sending car parts everywhere. "What the hell was that?!" cried Amber. "Amber, I think your dad was keeping something from you." and Eddie knew what she was now. Amber looked at him, then at what happened, and said "Oh, my God. I'm a witch."


Part 7 (Elia/Cel/Amberly/Elle) Edit

Ally's and Cel's training was doing well, and the late April days have been warm and crisp. Ally, who's powers were a bit stronger then her parents have known, was a good thing, but had to come with extra caution, but she controlled it well then anyone has ever seen. Cel on the other hand, mastered every spell her trainers threw at her, and Ally wasn't to far behind. Prom was that weekend, and everyone was getting ready for it. The girls drove out to go pick there dresses, and Sheldon Cooper, one of the football players asked Cel to the dance, and she had a huge crush on him since Middle School. Elle was asked by Nick a shy fellow, but he was smart, funny, and a little geeky, much to Elle's liking.The girls took Ally's mini-cooper to the mall, and the girls got pretty dresses. Cel got a pretty medium brown dress that was two strapped, and looked pretty on her. Ally decided on a purple one, and it dazzled like her big green eyes. Elle decided on a plain no strapped navy blue gown, but it looked good on her. Amber got a light pink dress, with pretty beads on the top, and it swung down the back side into a twirl, and had no straps. The four girls got their dresses, looked cheerful, and walked out into the warm afternoon.

Ally dropped off Amber at her house, where her father was waiting for her, and looked ready for the "bomb", for Amber's powers were way out of control, and it was hard controlling an evil witch's power inside a good natured girl. When she came in and showed her father her dress, he said it looked beautiful, and said it is almost like the one her mother wore when her parents were in High School. When she went to put it in her closet, her light turned on by it self, and busted, and the glass went to the floor, and broke into big shards, and that happened 4 times since her birthday, which was 3 weeks ago, and things were dangerous in that house. "Really, why does this have to happen to me!" cried the poor girl. She hung her dress up in her closet, and did a spell which fixed the light, a little trick Cel taught her. When Amber found out she had powers, she sensed Ally and Cel were something to, and they all met at some random park, and had no idea how they got there, which was about 6 days ago. Ever since then, the girl's lives has changed. "So, your a witch, Ally is a witch, and I'm a witch." said Cel, as she stared at Amber and Ally, who were in their Pj's in some random park in town. "Well, I guess since what we are, I guess we were destined to find out we were and I guess we can be like the super three?" said Ally, who was still figuring out what was going on since she woke up with her face pressed against the ceiling yesterday morning.

Amber went downstairs and started supper. "Dad what do you want for dinner tonight?" asked Amber. "Anything then pasta." said Mr. Wise, and chuckled. "Dad, you know you love my pasta, and we always have it every Thursday night!" exclaimed Amber, as she put water in the pot to boil. Mr. Wise got out the forks and plates, and set them on the table. While Amber was cooking, the water was boiling a lot, so she dumped the noodles in, then they popped out, burning her hands, and landed on the floor. Her hands were beat red, and Mr. Wise dived in and put a cold rag on her hands and turned off the stove. "Amber this has to stop, I was hoping Ally or Cel could help you, but I think it's best if you train with them, and learn how to control your powers." said Mr. Wise. "But Dad, something inside of me is telling me not to!" cried Amber, and tears ran down her cheeks, as her hands were red as fire. "I think you do need to train, and you will and that's final" said Mr. Wise. Amber agreed willingly, for she was tired of things popping or exploding when she looked or even went near them, and she feared for her life, and didn't want to have the same fate as her departed mother.

"Oh, my gosh, I can't quit staring at your dress Cel." cooed Ally as she ran her fingers across the silky dress. "I know, it cost a pretty penny but it's just so cute!" said Cel, and she put her dress back in the closet. "Well, I guess Amber will be training with us now, her dad called my dad an hour ago discussing Amber's uncontrollable bursts of power, and it's making things explode, thank God we're not that bad." said Cel. "Well I have some trouble controlling mine sometimes, but things usually float, not explode, but it happened one time, and it broke my favorite lamp." said Ally. "Well, at least we will have a new buddy to train with." said Cel. "Well I better head home, I can't wait for tomorrow night!" said Ally, and she pulled out of the driveway and went home. Cel went back into the house, and her mom met her in the hallway. "Cel, just to let you know, Amber is a different type of witch, you see her ancestors are what we call Dark Witches, that are well, evil and their powers tend to be a little harmful, so we are trying to get Amber to strive on the good side, and the curse won't happen to her, like her poor mother. said Mrs. Smith. "What do you mean a Dark Witch?" asked Cel, and her mother explained the "curse". "Well, then I will help her through it too." said Cel. "Cel, just remember, Amber's powers are very unpredictable so you must watch her, and make sure she isn't acting strange, because sometimes her power will take over her, and if she let's her self turn dark, and she may harm innocent people, so we need to save her." said Mrs. Smith. And Cel looked at her mother, and feared for her best friend.

The girls were practicing fixing broken vases when Amber and her dad pulled up. Mrs. Ross met them at the door, and Mr. Wise wished Amber good luck, and took his leave, for he had nothing to do with magic, and was rather frightened of it. Amber took a seat beside Ally, and Cel handed Amber a vase that was broken. "Okay Amber, remember that spell I taught you, your going to do the exact same thing, but you have to guide the pieces to the correct spot." said Ally. "Like a jigsaw puzzle?" asked Amber. "That's pretty much exactly what it is." said Cel, and they all giggled. When Amber went outside to get fresh air, Mr. Ross was cooking hot dogs on the grill, and they smelled good. "Is that what's for lunch Mr. Ross?" asked Amber, and the man nodded his head. When Amber looked at the hot dogs, she wanted one so bad. Then, out of the blue the grill caught on fire, and ash flew everywhere. Mr. Ross pushed Amber and himself to the ground about ten feet away from it till it blew up. The porch had a big bad burnt stain on it, and Amber's face was red with embarrassment and guilt. "I can't even look at something without blowing it up!" cried Amber, and she ran upstairs to the bathroom. Mrs. Ross made the burn go away, and the grill was done for. "We are going to have to give her special training." said Mr. Smith as he drove by to come pick up Cel. "Well, the darkness in her powers is coming, so we need to take serious action before someone gets hurt." said Mr. Ross. "You do know Samuel, if it gets very bad, we will have to forcefully remove her powers, it's hard but if it's the only way, then we will if it gets out of hand." replied Mr. Smith. Mr. Ross looked down, and felt bad for the young girl, and said goodnight. Cel and Ally hugged, and made a ugly flower turn into a rose. "I can't wait for tomorrow night!" said Ally, and everyone smiled.

It was Friday morning, and everyone in St. Stars High School was waiting for the 7th period bell to ring. Ally chewed on her pencil, while Cel was reading her Reading book, and was looking at a Fashion magazine. A new girl, named Elena has been there since March, and she had Jet black hair, with big gray eyes. She was tall, and slim, with a very sharp nose. She seemed to not like Ally, Cel, or Amber for unknown reasons, and was just one of those stuck-up girls. Being at the school for only a month, she took over Maggie's role, and was a cheerleader, Miss Popular, and was asked by the High School Quarterback. She kept staring at the clock, and kept mentioning to everyone that tonight would be different, and the most bizarre day of your life, which was creeping out some people, and others ignored it. When the bell rang, all the students were jumping, whistling, and were all ready for Prom. Amber and Eddie walked out to the parking lot, and Eddie had to drive his dad's Ford Pick-up truck, but he was pretty bummed about his car, but was glad Amber and him made it out safely. "Okay, I will pick you up at about 6:30?" asked Eddie as he dropped off Amber at her house. "Oh, I'm going to be at Elle's house with the girls, so pick me up their and we can go with everyone else." said Amber. "Okay, see you tomorrow." said Eddie, and he kissed her goodbye and drove home.

The girls were putting on their dresses, and doing they're hair. Ally curled Cel's dark brown hair, doing the same to her medium brown hair. Elle took her platinum blond hair and straightened it, and helped Amber fasten her wave black hair into a bun. Amber's eyes showed crystal blue, with the makeup she put on, Cel's dark blue eyes looked darker with her eye shadow, though she didn't seem to mind. "You all have blue eyes, except Amber, yours are the color amber. I had to get my mother's green emerald eyes, though my dad's eyes are blue, oh well" Ally sighed. "Ally please, green eyes are beautiful, and mystical, just like you" Amber laughed. Then the bell rang a couple times, all of the girls looked out Elle's bedroom door, "Finish the bun quickly!" Amber squealed.Mrs. Wood answered the door in a flash, and Sheldon, Eddie, Nick, and Scott came in. The girls came downstairs, and the boys looked at them, and thought they were pretty as flowers. Mrs. Wood took a photo of them in a group, then individual photos. Amber messed up Eddie's blond hair, "It's more you when it's messy" she laughed. 

Ms. Harris took a photo of them in a group, then individual photos. Fred came running downstairs, and told Elle to get him some fruit punch from the Prom. Elle laughed, and told him she would try, and everyone got into the cars and left. When everyone got out of the cars, they all walked into the gym together, and the took their separate ways. Ally and Scott went to go dance, along with Amber and Eddie. Nick and Elle went to the fruit punch area, and Elle put some of the punch into a bottle, and put it in her purse. Cel, who was still in shock that she was at the prom with Sheldon, they went outside to the patio where a few other couples were strolling in the clear night. "So, what do you think of the prom so far?" asked Sheldon. "I think it's hot, I mean beautiful." said Cel as she cleared her throat and smiled up at Sheldon. Then Sheldon leaned closer to Cel, and Cel's opened up wide, and she leaned in to, and the two kissed, and Cel had her first kiss.

Elle went into the bathroom to reapply make up, and she looked into the mirror to apply more lip gloss. Then Elena came in, and went to the bathroom stall, and locked it. When Elle was done freshening up, she started to walk out the door, but then Elena grabbed her by the arm and threw her against the wall, knocking her out cold. Amber and Eddie were dancing to Gangnam Style, and were having a good time, then Amber, Cel, and Ally met up at the refreshment stand. "Where's Elle?" asked Ally as she looked through the dancing crowds. "I saw her go to the bathroom awhile ago," said Cel. "Well, should we go check on her, she might have you know, stomach issues," said Ally. "If I know Elle, she never get's sick, but this food does taste bad." said Amber, and the three girls made there way to the girls bathroom. Elle woke up and rubbed her head, and she looked around and saw Elena staring at her. "What the heck happened?" said Elle. "I killed you, and you're in transition." said Elena as she looked at her nails. "You what!" said Elle and she got up and tried to run out the door, but Elena sped up to her and blocked her from the door. "You go out that door, I will make sure you will be permanently dead." said Elena, and Elle backed away and was scared. Then Amber, Cel, and Ally walked through the door, and saw Elena and Elle face to face. "What the heck is going on in here?!" said Cel. "You know what, why don't the three of you just get out of here before you get hurt." said Elena. "Make me." said Amber and got in Elena's face. "Big mistake little girl." said Elena and she threw Amber into the bathroom mirror shattering it, "And Elle, you need to feed." and Elena smirked, grabbed Ally, and flung her to the ground, and then bit into her neck and and blood drained from Ally's neck on to Elena's hand, and she forced Elle to open her mouth, and droplets of it went into her. Elena dropped Ally to the ground, and Cel ran to her quickly.

Amber pulled the glass shards from her arm, and she stood up. She saw Elena standing over the new turned Vampire Elle, and Amber had a look of fury in her eyes. She rose her hand up and then, Elena's hand went to her throat and she began choking, then Elle yelled at her to stop, but Amber wouldn't then Elle sped at Amber throwing her to the ground, screaming at her to stop. Then Elena grabbed Elle by the waist and broke through the window, and the two were gone. Amber came back to her senses then took in what just happened. She was in shock and breathing heavy, and she saw a upset Cel holding Ally who looked pail, but would be okay. "Well, you look fine, so I think the night is over." said Eddie as he healed Ally's neck. "What about the bathroom?!" cried Ally. "Don't worry, I fixed it as good as new." said Cel. Amber was pacing around back and forth in the parking lot. "We are going to have to hunt them down, and kill Elena." said a furious Amber who would do anything to get her best friend back. "Look, we just need to do it tomorrow and get home to our families." said Ally, who was beyond tired and in pain. Sheldon walked over to Cel, and asked her if she wanted a ride home, and she agreed and said goodnight to everybody. And the other three piled into Ally's Cooper, and Amber drove. When Sheldon pulled up into Cel's drive way, he said goodnight, and when she got out, something knocked her out cold.


Part 8 (Amberly/Elle/Elia/Cel/Eddie) Edit

The cloaked figure threw Cel onto the couch of an abandoned house on the edge of Seaside. She was still unconscious, and looked lifeless. The old house, which was a shanty, was a very ancient building, and was a place where a great massacre took place. Then, in the corner of a shanty, Sheldon was tied up and was also knocked out cold. Then, the cloaked figure, who was actually a witch, and Amber's cousin Nicole. She had the family's curse already, and was a evil person. She got cursed when she turned 21, when she gave birth to a boy. But killed him when she turned evil, which was her true nature. Her and Amber used to be very close when they were younger, but since Nicole has been getting older, deep down, she could feel an evilness growing inside her, and now, she feels nothing, and decided it was time to say hi to her younger cousin, and show who's stronger, since Amber got her powers.

Ally and Amber pulled up to Amber's house, and luckily, her Dad wasn't home, and had to work late. "Amber, I think we need to do a location spell, because I have called Cel over and over, and her parents said she isn't home. So I'm worried something happened to her after what happened tonight." said Ally. "Okay, well I remember my Mom had some crystal ball, so I guess we could use that." said Amber. "Okay, well try not to make it explode." laughed Ally, as Amber frowned, then got the crystal ball. Amber set it in a bowl, and put it on the kitchen counter. "Okay, so um, what is the spell?" asked Amber. "Um, you just ask it where Cel is, that's what crystal balls are for." said Ally, then the girls both said, "Show me where Cel is located." Then the Crystal Ball glowed. Then, an old shanty appeared, and Ally said "I know where that is!" and then it showed Cel on a couch knocked out, then Sheldon tied up, then, showed Nicole casting some spell. "Who the heck is that?!" cried Ally as she looked at her friend in danger. "Oh, my God! That's my cousin, Nicole! I haven't seen her since I was 13. And she already has the family curse." sighed Amber, "My Father told me all about the curse, and my family, and he hopes I never become like them, but he knows that I'm good on the inside, and won't ever turn evil, even if my powers tempt me to, and I have to fight it everyday, but Nicole isn't here just to play games, she's here to prove something. And you and I have to save Cel." "I know, we do Amber!" said Ally as she grabbed the car keys. "Wait!" said Amber, and Ally glared at her. "We need to change out of our dresses..." said Amber. After the girls were changed, they hopped into the car and drove off.

When Elle woke up, she saw she was in a closed box. She tried to get out of it, but it was locked. Then she hit it so hard, the front busted off and hit the nearby wall. Then, the sunlight was directly on the coffin Elle was in, then she sped to the wall, and healed from her minor burns. "Morning sunshine." said Elena as she walked in front of the sun, and closed the curtains. "How do you walk in the sun?" asked Elle. Then Elena showed her her daylight ring, then she put one on Elle's finger. "It protects you from the sun, my friend from a long time ago made it for me. Too bad she's dead though." said Elena. "Where am I? I need to get home to my family." said Elle as she made her way to the door. Then Elena sped to the front of the door, and told Elle to sit down. Then Elle just sat, and looked up at Elena. "Look, you can't go home, you're a vampire, and you're my new companion, I chose you because we have some things in common. You remind me of me when I was human." said Elena. "But my family thinks I'm missing, don't they?" said a angered Elle. "No, I went by there and told them you will be staying with me for a few days, and I compelled them so they won't worry about you for awhile. It will by us some time." said Elena. "For what?" asked Elle. Then Elena went to the window, and opened the curtain, the sun poured through the dark room, and Elle looked at the ring and looked confused. Then Elena turned around, and said "Your training."

The girls drove up to the abandon shanty on the outskirts of Seaside. The sand blew everywhere around the little shanty, and it looked empty. "You sure this is the place?" asked Amber. "Yes it is, and it looks exactly like the one the crystal ball showed." answered Ally. Then Nicole stepped outside the door, and looked directly at Amber. "Well, well, well. You finally arrived." said Nicole. "Where is Cel!" said Ally angrily. "Oh, she is inside with her prom date." said Nicole "I don't think they want you right now sweetie." "Like hell, let us in Nicole!" yelled Amber as she charged at the door. Then Nicole blasted her away with her light orb, and Amber was flung ten feet into the air and landed on her back thankfully. Then Ally made Nicole become surrounded in fire, and Ally made it go closer around Nicole. Then, Nicole made the fire go out with her mind, and then made Ally start to choke till she passed out, shaping her hand like she was choking someone. (Not a Star Wars Darth Vader reference) Nicole dragged Ally into the shanty and tied her up. Then she stood in the door way, and watched Amber walk up, and she was mad. Amber threw Nicole to the ground, then punched her in the face, while Nicole tried to generate a orb to defeat Amber, but it faded out. After that, Nicole pushed Amber away, then threw orbs at her, which Amber dodged and made her own and threw some at Nicole. Then Nicole created a huge one, and it struck Amber, making her fly into the air, then Nicole made her go into a bubble thing, which caught her, then a unconscious Amber fell through it and landed on the ground. Then Nicole dragged her in, and tied her up along with Cel, Ally, and Sheldon. She set them across the floor, and Cel looked scared to death as she saw her friends on the floor. Sheldon, who recently woke up, was knocked out again by Nicole. She then lit a candle, and placed it on the table beside Cel. "Ready to watch them die?" said Nicole, and laughed evilly.


Elle punched the cement block as hard as she could, but she only cracked it a little bit. "Elle, you have to use all of your vampire strength to break it." Elena said sternly, as she demonstrated how to punch it correctly again. "Okay, now that we got that covered, you need to learn how to speed quickly." said Elena. Elle nodded, and sped towards the tree, but she ran into it and knocked her to the ground. Elena then sped towards her then put her back on her feet. "You need to learn how to stop." Elena sighed "Again, and this time, put your feet in front of you." Then after a few tries Elle got it right, and Elena was starting to be proud of her progeny. The sun was at its peak, and Elena decided it was time to go on the daily feeding. Elena opened the door to her house, and Elle sat on the couch. "Okay so what now?" said Elle. "Well, of course we have to feed." smiled Elena, "It is my favorite part of the learning." The two girls walked down an alley in the suburbs of Seaside. A young man was walking down the alley too, and Elena already had her fangs out. She pushed the guy into the wall, and compelled him not to scream, but just stand there, and she bit into his neck. She signaled Elle to come over, and she told her to feed on him. At first she was reluctant to do it, but all of a sudden her fangs were out and she was draining him to death. "ELLE STOP!" said Elena as she pried Elle off the guy, but then Elle pushed her away and kept feeding on him. "Okay, okay, he is dead now Elle! Stop, it isn't healthy to drink a dead man's blood." said an annoyed Elena as she easily threw Elle off the guy, who's head fell off his body. "We are going to have to work on controlling your thirst..." said a worried Elena.

Nicole lit a candle, and set it near Amber's head, then another and set it near Ally's head. Then Nicole chanted some latin words, and the candle's lit up and the fire grew very tall. Amber started to wake up, and saw the candles, and how Ally and her were in a circle of fire. Amber screamed so loud, that the house shook, and then the ground started to crack open. Amber got up, and the ropes around her burst into flames, and the fire ring around her and Ally went out. Amber walked toward Nicole, who was petrified. "How did you do that!" said Nicole as she got up from her slouching postion. "It's called you messing with me or my friends, YOU DIE!" yelled Amber as she made a waving motion with her hand and Nicole flew through the air, and got smacked to the wall, and got knocked out. The crack in the ground stopped, and Ally finally woke up. Amber untied her, then Cel. Cel ran over to Sheldon who had a big bruise on his head. "Guys, help me get him on the couch in the living room." said Cel as Ally and Amber helped her carry him, and rolled him onto the couch. "Will he be okay?" asked Ally as she looked through her book of spells to look for a healing spell. "Maybe we should call Eddie to come and get us, and he can heal Sheldon, hopefully." said a worried Cel. "We need a rag to put on his head to ease the swelling." said Amber as she wet a rag she found in a corner.

Eddie pulled up to the old shanty, and walked into the place and saw a horrific scene. "Well, you could of called me to come help you guys." said Eddie as he walked towards Sheldon. He took the rag off and looked at the bruise. "This is really bad guys, what hit him?" asked Eddie. "She hit him with some hard book." said Cel who looked nervous. Eddie put his hand on the bruise, and it started to glow for a few seconds, and Eddie seemed to look into the wound with his hand, and heal it. Then he removed his hand, and the bruise had gone down a bit, and was just a regular tiny bruise. "He will be okay, but I think it is best he gets a lot of rest." said Eddie. Sheldon finally woke up, and seemed to not remember what happened. As everyone caught him up with what was happening, Nicole had already gotten up, and had a orb of fire in her hands. "YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BURN!" screamed Nicole as she threw it directly at Amber, but Ally and Cel put there hands out, and a barrier went around the gang, the fire stood in place as it tried to break through the shield, but it reversed, and went directly at Nicole. It blasted her through the wall, and the whole entire shanty just fell down, and luckily the shield saved the gang from the fall. Amber went through the shield to her cousin, who was on the ground. A black shadow came out of her body, and was ugly and dark, then went up into the sky and vanished. Amber ran to Nicole who was dying. "Amber." said Nicole as she gasped for air "Thank you for setting me free." and Nicole smiled as she looked up into the sky, and died peacefully.

As Amber saw Nicole's body turn into dark ash, she started to cry, and Cel and Ally grabbed her and led her away from the ruin of the shanty. Eddie helped a still beaten down Sheldon into his car. "Guys, this has been the most messed up day of my life." said Cel as she got into Ally's mini cooper. "You do know our parents can't know what happened today." said Ally as she drove down the road towards Amber's house. "Well, at least my Dad doesn't care about magic, he is just glad I kind of got some control over my power." said Amber. "Well, my parents always want to know everything, they used to look at some ball, and I couldn't get away with anything, but luckily Ally and I shattered it when our powers came in." Cel said meekly. When the girls got to Amber's house, all three were exhausted from lack of sleep. Eddie pulled up behind the girls, and they all walked towards the car. "I have to say, your new car is awesome." said Amber as she ran her finger's along the shiny new Porsche. As they opened the back seat, Sheldon was unconscious again, and everyone got worried. Cel helped Eddie pull him out and lay him across the grass. "What's wrong with him now?" asked Ally as she looked strangely at Sheldon. Then, Amber just bent down and opened Sheldon's eye lids, and they glowed a bright mutli-colored blue. Then Sheldon popped up and re-opened his eyes which was normal again, and all he saw was a group of terrified teenagers.


Part 9 (Cel/Amberly) (NE) Edit

Everyone looked at Sheldon as if he killed someone, and they were petrified, even though all of them were also supernatural. "What the hell was that?!" cried Cel as she glared at Sheldon in disbelief. "Guys, I know what you think, but look I can explain." said Sheldon. "You don't need to explain anything, just leave right now or else." said Eddie as he stood up. Sheldon looked at everyone, and sighed, then walked down the side walk towards home. Cel looked back at him walking down the road, and her expression changed from confused, to sad and guilty. The three girls got into Ally's car, and drove back to Amber's house.

As Eddie and Amber sat on the couch Eddie had a concerned look on his face. "Okay, so I remember the night before last, it was Prom?" said Amber. "Yeah, it was pretty bad considering Elle was taken by some psycho chick." said Eddie. "Look, that crazy girl is actually Elena, who is a vampire, and she turned Elle." said Amber as she started to tear up. Eddie just turned white, and Amber saw how much he cared about Elle, for Amber's sake. Amber wiped her tears, and her face turned from sad and crying, to strong and determined. "Elena is no good Eddie, so I will do whatever it takes to find Elle before she loses herself completely, and before she loses her family." said Amber as she got up to go towards the door. Then Eddie ran in front of her and blocked her path from the doorway. "No, not today Amber, you need a lot of rest, you went through hell these past two days, and as far as I can tell, you have no strength to take on a vampire. We will do it tomorrow." said Eddie. Amber finally agreed, and she was so sleepy she fell asleep in Eddie's arms as they sat on the couch. He carried her up to her room, kissed her forehead, then left to go home.

Three weeks went by, and during that time, Amber and Eddie went to Elle's house to look for her, but her mom told her that she left a few days ago to stay with a friend, and that she was glad for her daughter to move out on her own, and Amber and Eddie looked dumbfounded, for Ms. Harris would never let her daughter go anywhere for days at a time. "Eddie, I have no idea how I am going to find her." Amber cried as the two walked away, in failure. Now, for the past two weeks, Amber has been looking for leads on Elle's whereabouts, and made sure she didn't go to the police, since Amber knew Elle was with Elena somewhere. When she looked into a crystal ball, all it showed was darkness, for the ball did not locate vampires, who were an abomination. Finally, Amber got a record of an Elena Howe that lived at the other end of Seaside, and Amber finally had a flash of hope finding her friend. "Eddie?" asked Amber as she walked into his bedroom at his place. "What is it?" he said as he searched through some records on his laptop. "I think I found Elena's house." said Amber as she put the file on Eddie's desk. "No way." he replied as he looked at it. Eddie's face lit up, and so did Amber's. "So, when do we go over there?" asked Eddie. "Well, I was hoping we ride over there and take a look at the place, and see what is going on." said Amber. "Well, lets go then." he said as he grabbed his keys. As the two walked out the door, Mrs. Duell blocked there path, and said "Leaving so soon Amber?" Eddie and Amber sat on the couch across from Mrs. Duell, and she looked sternly at Amber. "You know, you rarely come over, and I never hear anything from you." she said cooley. "I am sorry Mrs. Duell, usually I have an over protective father, and I lost my mother when I was young." replied Amber. Then, Mrs. Duell's face had much sympathy on it, and she gave Amber a very, very, VERY, long motherly talk, which warmed Amber's heart a lot, and also took a long time.

Meanwhile, Ally and Cel have been prepping for graduation, and they were getting really excited. "Have you ordered your cap and gown yet?" asked Ally, and Cel replied "Have you?" Then the two girls said "Yes I did." at the same time and laughed. "So, what happen between you and Sheldon?" asked Ally as she did a equation for math. "Well, he did tell me his secret, then made me swear on my life to tell no one." said Cel. "Well, he kinda gave his identity away three weeks ago." laughed Ally. "Well, his secret is a big deal, like mine is." said Cel. "What is your secret?" said Ally. Then Cel stared at her with cold dead eyes. "Never mind then..." said Ally. Then all of a sudden, Cel made Ally fly up to the roof, and then land hard on the bed, then she flopped onto the ground. Ally got up off the ground, then flung Cel to the floor too. "Oh, you wanna go there?" laughed Cel. "Yes I do." smirked Ally, then the two girls screamed as they made each other float in mid air, and they danced around the room until Mrs. Smith made them both drop to the ground. "Girls, your powers are not for games!" Mrs. Smith yelled at the giggling girls. But she couldn't help laughing as well, and joined the girls in their game.

Hours Later...

"Elena, it has been three weeks" said Elle crossly "When can I see my family?" asked Elle "When you learn how to be a vampire" said Elena "But speaking of family, maybe I should let you go see them, I have a little plan anyway". "And what is that?" asked Elle, and Elena replied "You will see tonight" and she walked into her bedroom, then closed the door. Elle sighed, and decided to go for a walk outside. As she walked across the street, a car came flying by, then Elle screamed, putting her hands in front of the car, and it came to a complete halt. Elle glared at the people in the car, and her fangs came out. Amber got out of the car, and walked towards Elle. "Where the hell have you been Elle" said Amber crossly, and had a hint of fear in her voice. "Where the hell have I been? Well let's see, I have been killed and to tell you the truth, I am really hungry right now" Elle snarled. "Elle what the heck has gotten into you" asked Eddie. "Oh Amber, you brought your little boyfriend?" Elle said as she sped over to him, kicking him to the ground. "Elle stop it!" screamed Amber as she made Elle fly up to the ground, and smacked her against the road very hard. She got back up, and their was a very bad cut in her head, and Elle looked a little dazed, then she healed. Then, Elena came walking out and saw what was happening. "You see why you need more training Elle?" she sighed. Elena looked at Amber and Eddie, and laughed. "You know how stupid it is of you to have found us?" she said, "But, since I have a little plan for my dear friend Elle, you get to accompany us to the Seaside Lighthouse". Elena had a huge devilish grin wash across her face, and Elle looked at her, then at her friends, and glared at them with hatred. Elena walked up to Eddie, and compelled him to drive them to the lighthouse, and forget about who Amber was then he agreed willingly. Amber screamed no, but then Elle put her hand over her mouth and Eddie just walked by Amber, as if she didn't exist. Elena grabbed Amber by the arm, and had a death grip no one could break. "Now, about your powers, we may need to silence them for a bit" Elena said as she slapped Amber so hard she blacked out, and was dragged into the car.

Waves crashed against the shore line as Sheldon and Cel walked along it, arms linked. "It's so pretty when the sun is about to rise." said Cel as she gleamed at it with open eyes. The two sat down on the big beach towel, and talked about their family and past. "My parents are like what I am, but they have a lot more control over their instincts." Sheldon added. "So, you're a werewolf basically?" asked Cel. "Yeah, but I can turn whenever I feel like it, but if we get super mad, we turn anyway, and we could hurt people, so that's why I tried to stay away from you through middle school, I was afraid I would hurt you, but now I know we can be together." answered Sheldon. "That is romantic and terrifying." giggled Cel. Sheldon grinned and the two leaned in for a kiss. But then Cel's phone went off, and then they backed away and she answered it, look a little pissed. "Hello?" Cel said annoyed. "Hey Cel, I have been trying to call Amber all day, and she told me she was going to Elena's house to rescue Elle, and of course she had to go alone with Eddie." Ally said, her voice heavy with worry, "I'm afraid something bad has happened to her." Cel looked directly into Sheldon's eyes, then he nodded. "Meet me at that address Ally." said Cel, then she hung up. The two got up and got in the car, and drove down the road.

Ally pulled up to the address of Elena's home, seeing no cars, she suspected no one was home. She waiting patiently for Cel and Sheldon to arrive. "I wish Scott could know of this, it would be better with him here" Ally sighed. Then she turned around, she could of swore she saw someone staring at her through the bushes, someone familiar. Then she heard the sound of a car pull up, turning around, she saw Sheldon's truck.    "Guys, I don't think their here, I tried calling Amber and Eddie with no response, I think something bad happened" Ally cried. "Ally we will find them, besides, Sheldon can, wait, Sheldon can you follow their scent?" Cel asked. "Course I can, actually the vampire stench is strong, and it-" Sheldon paused, "Cel drive my truck, Ally get in your car, we need to hurry!" then he ran behind the truck, then he was a wolf. Ally and Cel jumped into the vehicles and followed him through the dark night.

The porshe glided down the narrow road to the lighthouse. The light in it was going round and round, so was Amber's brain as she slowly began to wake up again. Elle looked out the window, then to her knocked out friend beside her, and she felt a pit of guilt, and then all the memories of their friendship came back in big chunks. Elena did her best to erase all of Elle's memories of her family and friends, and how she deeply cared for them. Elle blinked her eyes rapidly, then she said "Stop the car." Elena ignored her command and urged Eddie to keep driving, but the car came to a halt. "Stupid human, I said DRIVE!" Elena barked. "Leave him alone!" screeched Elle. Elena turned her head to Elle, then within a second, snapped her neck like a twig. "Now like I said before, drive the freaking car." Elena demanded. She sat back in her seat, and the swerve of the road got steeper. Amber's eyes started to flutter open, and she saw Elle's limp body across the seat from her, but Amber stayed mute, and waiting for the car to reach their destination. It seemed like a lifetime before they reached the lighthouse, then Elena told him to mark in the front. Elle was already awake, and pouted in her seat as Elena threw Amber out of the car, and onto the ground. Amber got up, and was pissed as hell.

Elena made a waving motion with her hand, and a compelled girl holding a gun came walking from behind the lighthouse. She aimed it at Amber and fired, it hit Amber in her leg, and she fell to the ground with a loud scream. Elle ran as fast as she could towards her, but Elena sped in front of her and grabbed her by the throat, pinning her to the ground. "You even try to go near her, I will slaughter everyone you love." Elena screeched. Elle got up and brushed the dirt off of her, and saw as Eddie ran over to Amber. "Oh, my God what happen?!" said Eddie as he pulled the bullet from her leg. "Do you know who I am?" cried Amber as tears ran down her face. "What the heck do you mean?" said Eddie as he embraced her in his arms. "Love is stronger then your stupid compulsion Elena!" said Elle in a threatening tone. "You really think you're stronger? Or better yet, smarter? You have no idea why I brought you here." smirked Elena. "Then what the heck is it?" sighed Elle. Elena took three steps back, turned around, then whistled. Emily, who was Elena's minion more like, brought out two people, and Elle's eyes just looked at them then back at Elena, who already had her fangs out. All you could hear was the screaming of Elle as Elena finished off her mother right before her eyes, then snapped her neck.

Elle was still screaming, right as Elena made her way towards Fred, Elle's brother. Elle sped at Elena, and with full force kicked her in the face, and held her in an armlock. Elena broke out of it then switched the tides and had Elle in the headlock. "You are so weak, you know that? These humans mean nothing to you, you are sired to me, I control you, do you understand me?" said Elena "You feel nothing." "I feel nothing Elle repeated as she looked like she was in a trance. A "NO!" escaped Amber's mouth. Elle stared blankly at her, then back at her brother who was petrified at what he just saw, to speechless to even utter a cry. The sky turned to dawn slowly. Elena then backed away from Elle, looking pleased. "Now, go finish off your brother who is now dead to you." Elena said with that same devilish grin. Elena looked at her hand, and saw her daylight ring was gone, for Elle has taken it off during their brawl. She quickly looked at Elle who was walking towards her brother, all her memories flooding her vision. "I control myself." she uttered. She turned around so fast and was already beside Elena as she threw her out of the formed shade under the tree, and threw her before the cliff-side where the sunlight blinded everyone. Elena looked at all of them, then sped towards Fred, but the sun was to quick, and she began to burn. Elle shielded her brother's eyes from the horrific scene. As Elena turned to ash, Elle smiled with satisfaction. Fred began to sob against Elle's chest, and she hugged him tightly, for he was the only one she had left of her family. Eddie and Amber ran to them, and threw their arms around each other, all of them with tears in their eyes.Then two cars drove up the road towards the lighthouse, they saw Ally and Cel jumped out of their cars, shocked at the scene, a wolf stood beside the truck, whining at everyone's grief. 

That next day, everyone sat around the living room of Elle's house, and everyone looked deadly tired. "I can't believe that bitch killed your mother." said Ally with a angry expression, still horrified when she found out just yesterday morning. "What is to become of us." said a dreary Fred, who just got his memory back of Elle's absence from the house. "Fred, I am going to take care of you now okay?" "I really can't go to college, and I missed my high school finals" said Elle as she held her head in her hands. "Actually, I did them for you." said Amber. "Wait, how did you--" Elle said. but Amber cut her off, saying "Look, I knew you wouldn't be there for them because of this, so I did a spell to look like you, and everything is good for you, it's like you never left." Elle looked relived and Fred had a little sparkle in his blue eyes. "But what about Mom?" he added then tears just came flooding out of his eyes. Then it hit Elle, what were they going to do with their mother's body. Ms. Harris laid across her bed in the room upstairs. Elle carefully opened the door, but what she expected to see, was that the body was gone, and the bedroom window was wide open.

"Guys!" cried Elle as she ran down the stairs. "What is it?" asked Cel. "The body, it's gone and the window is open!." Elle screamed, as she picked up a vase and threw it so fast it shattered out the back window. "Elle calm the hell down!" yelled Ally as she grabbed Elle's arms, and paralyzed her with a shock spell. Elle's arms went limp and she calmed down finally. "Guys, look we will look into the ball and try to find her." said a distressed Amber. Eddie was deep in thought, then it hit him. "Guys go look outside where the window would lead to. I think I have a hunch to the window being opened." Everyone piled outside to see what appeared to be ash. "She must of been in transition." suggest Cel. Everyone looked at Elle, who's fangs were out and was hissing loudly. "Elle, look we are here it's going to be okay." everyone said, including her brother. "I have to kill myself!" she screamed, about to rip the ring off her finger. Only her brother dared to move towards her, he grabbed her hand, and pushed the ring harder on her finger. "And what will that do to make things better Elle?" he cried, "You're the only one I have left to care for me." Elle's face went back to normal, and she began to sob, and she picked up her brother like a feather and hugged him till he gasped for breath. Everyone stood around the two, and they all joined into the group hug. This was Elle's family now, and she would do anything to ensure her brother's protection, and everyone helped along the way.

Elle and her brother Fred had a hard time at their Mom's funeral, it's been only 3 days since she died. Everyone came to support Elle, and the Smith's offered for them to come live with them. "Thanks for the offer guys, but I have a job and still have the house, I am going to be just fine with Fred and I." Elle replied to the Smiths. "Well, if you need anything dear just call us okay?" said Mrs. Smith. As Elle slumped into the driver's seat of her mother's minivan, Fred refused to get in the car. "Elle, I am not leaving Mom!" he screamed. Elle grew furious and threatened to forcefully throw him into the car. "How about you make me." Fred reproached, and he sprinted off into a run. With no one watching, Elle sped at him within a second and buckled him up in the passenger. "Now you will listen okay Fred? I know you don't want to leave Mom, neither do I, but we have to move on with our lives." Elle cried as she sped down the road. Fred crossed his arms and pouted all the way to the front door. He quickly ran up to his room and locked it, flinging himself onto his bed and began to sob. Elle could hear every movement he made, which made her cry to to see him in such pain, and having to live without her mother was unthinkable, and now it was reality.

Amber and Eddie walked up to the front of the Wise's front porch and walked into the house. " The funeral was so sad, I feel so bad for Elle I am about to go to her house and hug her to death." cried Amber as Eddie walked them up the steps to her room. "We all feel that way." replied Eddie as he embraced Amber. "I haven't even told my Dad about the college in Lavender Coast, I don't think he will be to happy I kept it a secret for this long." Amber gloated. "Umm, you're grown now, you can do what ever you want with your life Amber." Eddie gleamed. Amber stared at him, and smirked. "Well you're right, and I am grown now so, I can go anywhere I guess." she sighed. Amber looked out the window, to see the sun scorch everything in sight. "I hate this heat wave, it's May 31st for God sakes!" Amber bellowed. "Yeah... I guess the heat makes people cranky too." Eddie grinned. Amber shot a dirty look at him and smirked. "So, what do you wanna do?" Amber asked. "Well, I have no idea maybe umm- " Amber interrupted him by kissing him. Eddie raised his eyebrows, and smiled, and closed the door shut, and locked it.


Part 10 (Elle/Amberly/Elia/Cel) Edit

(June 3, 2013)

Just two weeks since the funeral, Elle was coping okay, but she was deeply saddened, her brother kept her strong. Everyone was getting ready to graduate. Elle helped Ally into her graduation dress, and zipped it up in the back really quickly. Amber was putting the finishing touches to Cel's hair. The four girls looked into the mirror, and began to smile. "I can't believe we made it this far." said Cel. Eddie, Scott and Sheldon waited in the hallway. Mrs. And Mr. Ross, along with Cel's parents, Eddie's parents, and Amber's Dad took photos of their group as everyone made their way to the ceremony. The whole entire senior grade was graduating, which was unusual. Everyone sat down, and Principle Pepper, along with other teachers and staff gave speeches to the students, and gave them advice on their future as grown ups. There were laughs, memories, and a few tears as everyone got their High School diploma. Elle got up to get hers,a tear dripped down her cheek as she accepted her diploma, then took her seat. Ally went up to get hers, Scott cheered her on from the graduating class, she smiled wide as she accepted her diploma. After the family photos, the gang sat on the front steps of St. Stars High School. "Well guys, this is it, we are headed off to college in the Fall, but at least we will all keep in touch." Cel laughed as she leaned against Sheldon. "We will, and we have to promise, because I don't know where I would be without you guys." Said Elle with hope. Everyone smiled, stood up, and joined hands, and walked down the hallway of their school for the last time, then out the door to their future. The only one to look back was Elle, where she left behind that weak little girl she once was.

2 Months Later (August 14, 2013)

Sunlight poured through the big bay window, tossing and turning, Elle did not want to get up that day, for she knew she had to distribute her mother's things that people were to have in her will. Elle hated the fact of going to have to see family that never had anything to do with her or Fred, much less her own mother. Fred usually kept to himself, he was silently mourning his mother, but he tried his best to go on with his everyday life. Elle, wanting to go see her friends, were no where to be seen, she heard that Ally and Cel were organizing a little party for their friend Amy Henderson, who moved to Snowhill about two years ago. Sheldon usually called to check up on Fred, who felt worried about him losing his mother at a young age, he could relate, because the same happened to him, only he lost his when he was seven. Elle drove the creaky van up the newly paved roads to visit Amber, who she hasn't talked to since Eddie's birthday, which was a week ago. Elle knocked on the brass knocker, and hearing Mr. Wise move steadily down the stairs. "Well hello Elle, haven't seen you since well, your mother's funeral, are Fred and you okay?" Mr. Wise said sympathetically. "Fred and I are adjusting, it is hard, but somehow, we haven't lost lost our sanity" Elle sighed. "Well, Amber is up in her room, she has been quite ill this past month, I am worried about her, maybe you should go upstairs to see her" Mr. Wise said. "Well, that is why I came here" Elle responded and sped up the stairs. As Elle opened the door, Amber laid sprawled across her bed, looking quite pale and sickly. "My god Amber, what the heck happened to you?" said a worried Elle. "I'm late" was all Amber said. "What? Your late, as in... oh my god" sputtered Elle. Amber leaned up, nodding quickly, and then she sprinted to her bathroom, where she threw up. Elle shielded her eyes, due to the horrid sight. "You know what, here, this will make you feel better" said Elle as she slit her wrist. "Elle, I am not going to take my chances, I rather be sick" Amber said angrily. "Well screw being sick" Elle said and forced Amber to take her blood. Within minutes, Amber's color came back to her usual tan, and looked a lot better. "See? All better, and we have a party to go to tonight, see you at 7:00" Elle chuckled, and walked out the door.

"Okay, are the preparations all in order Cel?" Ally asked from the 10 foot ladder, as she almost dangled over her back patios ground, fearful she might fall. Cel quickly glanced up at Ally, and smiled, snapped her fingers, and the whole backyard was decorated with big lanterns of all colors, and tables, chairs, and even a little band area. "Um, who will play for us?" said a puzzled Ally. "Well, I heard of this band called "We are Crazy", they are pretty good, or so what I have heard" Cel retorted. The girls walked to the front yard, viewing the vast ocean that stood in front of the cliff side, filled with huge Seaside homes. Suddenly, a black SUV pulled up in the driveway. The passenger side door opened, and a girl with wavy brown hair and fierce brown eyes ran towards Cel and Ally so quickly, it was amazing she didn't trip in her Stilettos. "Ally! Cel! I missed you guys so MUCH!" the girl screamed with joy. "AMY!!!" Cel and Ally said at the same time, and the three reunited girls fell on to the green lawn. Mrs. Smith walked past the girls, and walked towards the SUV. "Well, looks like Sarah Henderson finally comes back home" Mrs. Smith grinned. "I do miss the warmth though Laura" she responded and Sarah stepped out of the car. "My goodness, how far along are you?!" Mrs. Smith said excitedly. "Four months" Sarah Henderson responded with a big smile. As the two women walked into the house, Ally and Cel guided Amy to the backyard, who took in the whole future party location. "I thought you said it was just going to be a small gathering!" cried Amy. "Well, when we mean small gathering, we mean big ass party that you will remember for the rest of your life" Cel said with enthusiasm.

"Thank you for giving your mother's locket to us Elle" said Mrs. Benson, Elle's rich aunt. As Elle returned the greeting, the door was slammed to her face, angered, Elle retreated to her van and drove down the empty lonesome road. Elle's mind was spinning, all day she had been giving the items that were in her mother's will to family members. Most of them with the door slammed in her face, just because they didn't like her mother secretly, didn't mean they should just treat the mourning daughter like hell, Elle thought bitterly. She was glad Cel and Ally were throwing a party, for she needed to have some fun for once. Luckily, her brother decided to stay at a friend's house so Elle wouldn't have to watch him, because he knew Elle needed time with her friends, and Elle finally saw that her brother was moving on. When Elle pulled up to the Ross's house, a luminous glow came back from behind the backyard, of course, about a hundred lanterns glowed all at once, creating a fantastic rainbow haze. Cars were parked all along side the house, some even had to park across the street curb. The large house was almost slam packed, luckily, the mansion had a large back patio. As Elle made her way to the front door, she saw Eddie. She sped at him almost knocking him down. "Whoa Elle, watch out" Eddie sputtered. "Where is Amber?" asked Elle as she glanced around at the people walking in and out of the front doorway. "She is inside somewhere, actually, she is looking for you-" Eddie stopped, and Amber was right in front of him. "Hey guys" Amber said cheerfully. "Well someone looks better then they did in the last hour" Eddie smirked. The three made there way to the backyard, where the crowd got even thicker, and Elle saw a stage, with a band playing. Ally, along with Cel and some brown headed girl were near the stage in a conversation with the girl.. Ally went onto the stage, took the microphone from the lead singer, and announced "Hey everyone! Thank you all for coming here tonight to welcome back our awesome friend Amy back to town for awhile!". Everyone hollered and whistled, and Amy blushed, her face turning red as a apple. Cel walked off the stage to greet Sheldon, and the two walked into the crowd and danced to the slow song that suddenly began playing, Amber and Eddie did the same.

Elle went to go meet the girl everyone has been talking about, and what awaited her was a towering girl, who had to be at least 5ft 11". "Oh there you are Elle!" Ally exclaimed, "I want you to meet one of my best friends, Elle this is Amy Henderson, she is a model at the agency in Snowhill". Elle was taken aback, for she remembered Amy from a magazine she had read long ago. "Hi I am Elle nice to meet you, and my god you are so tall!" Elle chuckled. Amy blushed again, "I get that a lot, people used to call me tree" Amy sighed, "But now look at the tree, she grew up to become a model". "Got that right" Elle beamed... "So Ally, where did your parents go?" Elle asked. "Out to dinner, they took Amy's mother with them too, I can't believe your mother is with child Amy!" Ally added. "I know, ever since she met the "guy" she knew he wanted a kid, so now they are one big happy family." Amy sighed, "Do you guys have anything to drink?" she asked. "Sure thing!" Ally winked and darted into the crowd.

Suddenly, the music changed and everyone started jumping and spinning, having a great time, because Welcome to the Jungle came on. Ally filled a plastic cup with some punch, and a boy tapped her shoulder. "Hi, sorry I haven't asked this earlier, but as a devoted boyfriend, will you dance with me" he said with a big grin. "Scott, you made it!" Ally said as she ran into him, almost knocking him over, "I thought you had to go to tryouts for the college football team", Ally said. "Well, turns out, I guess I am to good and I'm on the team already, now lets dance" Scott said and swung Ally into the dancing crowd, the cup of punch falling helplessly to the ground. The music went on, everyone danced and were having a good time. Amy walked to the edge of the roaring crowd, looked up into the sky, and just thought how awesome the party was, but she wanted one thing, to move back to the place she loved, but also, she felt like she didn't belong here anymore, and made her way to Cel.

The end of the party came quickly, the part guests began to flow out of the patio, the hosts all partied out, greeting the guests out. Amy stood beside Ally and Cel, promising to write and text them everyday when they got to college. Ms. Henderson, her stomach as round as a beehive, swooped slowly into the black chevy. Amy ran to the drivers side, and waved her friends goodbye, and the Henderson's went down the sandy road, off to see her dad.

Sweeping the patio, Amber glanced around the large empty space, used paper plates and punch cups lay scattered across the ground. Amber picked everything up swiftly, she hated cleaning duty. After everyone had left, Ally went up to her room. She jumped on to her bed, her Pj's already on, She was deadly tired, but something was bothering her, she was nervous. She picked up her cellphone, and dialed her best friend's number. "Hey Cel, quick question, are you nervous about leaving for college next week?" Ally asked quietly. "Nervous? Ally I hope your not having second thoughts!" cried Cel, "We have been planning to go to college together since we were eight! And Amber, Eddie, and Sheldon are going with us, so we are all going to still be together, one big happy friend family couple-". "I won't see Scott for months, and you know how long distant relationships are Ally sighed. " Ally, tomorrow, we are going to pack are suitcases, make lists, and go have the experience of a lifetime, I know he will make some way to come see you, I just know it, now go to bed" Cel ordered. Ally said goodnight, and then went out like a light.

Elle worried about her future, sure she wasn't aging, but her job wasn't enough to support her and her brother Fred. Her Uncle Rob, concerned for the two, quickly said he would let Fred stay with him, and added he would pay for Elle to go to college, and that she richly deserved it. Elle, taking her chance, applied to the one in Lavender Coast, her Uncle was confused on why she would want to go to college in Lavender Coast, but like she always said, "Where my friends are, that is where I will be". The airport was crowded, the whole gang, escorted by their families, made tearful goodbyes and hugs, promising to call as soon as they landed. Ally tried to push her carry on back into the cramped compartment, thanks to Amber's over sized duffle-bag. She succeeded, and sat down in the uncomfortable plane seat. Across the row, Cel and Sheldon were in the same row, and were close, Amber looked pale, like she was ill or something, and Elle and Eddie, everyone was just, well, happy. Ally was petrified of planes, she looked out the window, and beside her, Amber seemed a lot more paler. "Amber are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost" Ally shrugged. "I think I have" Amber replied, then ran to the restroom quickly, The flight attendant told everyone to buckle and prepare for takeoff. Amber shuffled back to her seat, and looked feverish, and Ally glanced at Elle and Cel, who were a few rows back, Ally's mind changed, she saw darkness, and Amber was lost in it, losing her good side, and going into the dark.

The plane landed safely in Lavender Coast, and the gang boarded a bus, and they drove under a sign, saying, "Welcome to Lavender Coast" Amber sighed, a flashing sign saying August 15th 2013. They reached their hotel, and assured their parents they were okay and well. The guys went out to go get them some food, and drinks for the night, The girls unpacked, and Elle looked at Amber suspiciously, and took a box out of her bag. She unclasped it, and took out a pregnancy test. "Amber, we all know what is wrong with you, please, so help us god, prove us wrong!" Elle cried, and Ally and Cel's expressions grew worried, they all knew Amber's family curse. Amber took the test in one hand, tears going down her pale face, and she went to the restroom. "Oh, my God, I knew this would happen." Ally said, her face turned from worried to freaked out. "You knew this would happen?!" Cel screeched. Ally flinched uneasily, and replied "Not that she would get pregnant! But something bad would happen to her, and this is it, the curse of her family!" Amber walked out of the room. "It is debating the results right now" Amber said and handed the test to Elle, "You read it please, I can't bare the thought of it guys." and Amber walked around the room, pacing with fright. The test beeped, everyone closed in around it, and everyone gasped, and Amber passed out, knocking over Cel. It was positive, and putting Amber's fainted body on the hotel bed, the three girls gasped in complete horror.


To be continued.


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