Francis Hathaway is a very powerful hybrid and a major recurring character in The Hathaway Chronicles. He is the only son and child of Sara Hathaway. He was married to Isabella Hartford, and together they had twin daughters, Adelaide and Claire. For centuries, he helped his descendants create and lead the Hathaway Coven. When his daughters were targeted by an unknown force, they created a risky plan to reincarnate them, and come back and defeat the unseen force. Later, he became an art teacher at Franklin High, to keep watch over his now reincarnated daughters.

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In the chapter Trails of Magic, he was indirectly mentioned by Lydia, when she talked about Elle always sucking up to her teachers and being teachers pet. Though unknown at the time, he was posing as an art instructor to keep a close eye and watch over Lydia and Celesta, the reincarnations of his twin daughters, whom he is protecting, along with Orion Petrescu, who was also posing as a teacher there.

In the chapter, Bloody Promises, he is mentioned by Laura, and that he was a witch who also was at Franklin High, that her daughter and Cel weren't alone and unprotected completely there.

Later, in the chapter Lost in the Years, he was seen giving feedback on Lydia's artwork, and added she had a very unique way she painted, identical to Adelaide's, who always painted realistic scenes, though always having a darkness about them. Lydia then tells him she has a feeling he knows more then he is leading on, since his mind control didn't work on her, since users of that type of magic are immune. He tells her he is part of the Hathaway Coven, and just says he is a distant relation. He then goes off to help another student, almost abruptly, so Lydia wouldn't sense him as his true nature, instead of just a witch.

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  • Sara Hathaway - Mother/Son, Strained relationship
  • Isabella Hartford Husband/Wife, Wanted to be together for eternity but she died after giving birth to their twins, she then died again after failing to transition into a hybrid.
  • Orion Petrescu - Sire/Sireling, Close friends/Allies, Orion was Francis's mentor when he first turned
  • Adelaide Hathaway - Father/Daughter, Very close bond
  • Claire Hathaway - Father/Daughter, Very close bond