Silently Falling is the second novel in The Hathaway Chronicles. It takes place after everyone graduates from Franklin High, and move to Lavender Coast to attend college, but encounter a deadly force along the way.

Silently Falling

Want to read this novel? It will be developed on sometime in late 2018

Time Period/Setting

Main Characters

Recurring Characters 

Heartless Character Appearance Guide


  • Celesta Moone (Narrator)
  • Sheldon Pierce (Appeared)
  • Eleanor Harris (Appeared)
  • Lydia Ross (Appeared)
  • Scott Anderson (Appeared)
  • Amberly Wise (Appeared)
  • Eddie Duell (Appeared)
  • Miranda Hathaway (Appeared)
  • Jeff Moone (Appeared)
  • Laura Ross (Mentioned)
  • Samuel Ross (Mentioned)


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