Shrouded Glade.

Shrouded Glade

Shrouded Glade is one of the oldest towns in Sacred Grove. It is the home of the Druids.

Druid AcademyEdit

Shrouded Glade is home to the academy for Druids, or Pixies that are learning magic. Queen Valerin and her sister Princess Lavender went there as little girls.


Shrouded Glade, about a year ago Shrouded Glade was attacked by the Gloam Overlord, and thanks to the Druids and Dwarves working together, they saved Shrouded Glade.


In Shrouded Glade, they have gardens around the academy, and the entrance to Sunstone Valley. Most of the residents are Druids and wear robes and are very monk like. And the students wear wizard robes.

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