The Broken Series is consisted of six novels. The series has six books, from first to last, Darkness Descending, Heartless, Shattered Spells, Awakened, Until Dawn, and Whispers of Dreams. It also consists of a companion book, Evermore, which serves as a prequel to the series, featuring the foundations of the Hathaway Family. The first novel depicts a group of supernatural teenagers battling their way through the evil forces that plague their town. In Heartless, the story takes off right after the Seaside Gang graduates from Franklin High school and head off to Lavender Coast, a bustling town in Northern California, to Canberra University. There, each of our characters will face the biggest threat of their lives, each changing for the best or for the worst.


Cast of Characters


  • Francis Hathaway
  • Isabella Hartford
  • Sara Hathaway
  • Adelaide Hathaway
  • Claire Hathaway
  • Jacobi Hathaway
  • Orion Petrescu
  • Maxwell Hathaway
  • Sonia Hathaway

Darkness Descending

  • Scott Anderson
  • Lydia Ross
  • Celesta "Cel" Moone
  • Sheldon Pierce
  • Seana Kane
  • Eleanor "Elle" Harris
  • Laura Ross
  • Amberly Wise
  • Eddie Duell
  • Amelia Carter
  • Samuel Ross
  • Miranda Hathaway
  • Jeff Moone
  • Isabel Florence
  • Maggie Crawford
  • Andrew Pierce
  • Orion Petrescu
  • Francis Hathaway
  • Hazel Moore
  • Aria Pierce
  • Adelaide Hathaway
  • Claire Hathaway


Shattered Spells


Until Dawn

Whispers of Dreams

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